Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Have Babies (Uh, I mean Biddies!)

Well, we had a little surprise last night when we went to check on Mama Hen. These two little beauties were sitting under her. Aren't
 they adorable? We bought them inside because the other 15 eggs had not hatched. (There were a total of 17 under her.)

We took these for 2 reasons. #1, Mama Hen had gotten off the nest and left the other 15 eggs exposed. So to get her to *finish* setting the other eggs, we bought these in after placing her back on the nest.

Reason # 2, I saw a BIG black snake in the yard on Tuesday. The last  time we left baby chicks with mama Hen , they were eaten by a snake. (Caught it in the act.) We didn't want to lose any in the batch.

Here they are this morning already eating and drinking. When I put my hand down to pick one up it will peck at me already. Little bugger, it has got to be a rooster!

So, how many more baby chicks will we get? Only THE GOOD LORD knows! We'll see!

Have a blessed day in Sweet JESUS!

Matthew 6:33

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