Monday, June 8, 2015

My First Nasturtium Blooms

I am so thrilled! I went out yesterday to check n the plants and found this beauty!
It bloomed! I didn't think that it would but it did. It also has another bud on it as do several other of my nasturtiums,
I bought some seeds that had a lot of different colors and didn't know what to expect. This is beautiful.
I know, I'm getting a bit too happy about  bloom. Well, no, I LOVE to see GOD's creation in action and am so thankful HE lets me be a part of it!
Thank you Sweet JESUS!
Matthew 6:33

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Piney Woods Homestead Garden (JUNE- 2015)

Here is the Basil before I added AnnaBelle's Manure tea to it.
Here is the after photo! What a difference! I noticed that within a week the basil was shooting up and the leaves were getting to a dark green color. A HUGE improvement.
Basil beside the tomatoes in my herb garden. I have 3 and hubby has 7.
We're having a contest to see who has the biggest and most flavorful tomato. I read that planting Basil next to your tomatoes was a good bug deterrent as well as a flavor enhancer. The Basil is said to make the tomatoes sweeter. We'll see!
Another view of my herb garden. I think I should have planted the spearmint in another spot. It is sending runners out everywhere. I also added the tea manure to the others herbs. They are really starting to take off!
We are growing Silver Queen sweet corn. It has started to tassel and is taller than me. I'm 5'3 so that says a lot. ;-)
Corn starting to form.
Hubby's tomatoes. My marigolds. We decided to plant the marigolds around the tomatoes as a bug deterrent. It seemed to be working but I noticed those UGLY Horn worms on the plants yesterday. I NEED an organic horn worm deterrent. Any ideas?
Another view of the corn, tomatoes, taters, green beans and on the side are the blackberries bushes that are overflowing! What a blessin'!
Hubby used some old fencing to make cages for the tomato plants. It has worked out really well. Hubby is always getting junk that others throw away. He is good at recycling and reusing.  This homestead  runs quite well on reusable stuff. ;-)
Blackberries are starting to get ripe. Now I gotta keep the chickens from them.
Green Beans.
Tomato from Hubby's vines.
Summer Squash! Oh, how YUMMY! We ate some last night and it was SO good! I've been looking forward to homegrown squash since the end of last summer.
  A HUGE thank you to Mr. Bumble Bee for all the hard work he does in pollenating my veggies and fruits. GOD's creation is SO amazing! GOD is SO amazing!
Also wanted to share with you a book that is a great resource for homesteading. It deals with just about anything you could think of. A great resource!
How grows your garden?
Matthew 6:33