Monday, March 18, 2013

Homestead Chore # 6 Making the Most of Extra Skimmed Milk

Before making butter you have to skim the cream off several jars of milk. (The above picture shows me using a turkey baster to skim the milk for the butter makin'.)

( 1- 1/2 gallons of fresh cream and 1- 1/2 gallon of  skimmed chocolate milk We do not pasteurize our milk)

Since we just *processed* PIG about a month ago, I have had a lot of skimmed milk left. (extra milk went to feed PIG.). Hating to throw it out and not making the time to make mozzarella cheese with it, I decided to turn it into a healthy low-fat drink  for the family. I simply made chocolate milk with the skimmed milk. It's better  for you than the whole milk version. (Hubby tends to disagree with me on that statement.)

Either way, the extra milk doesn't get thrown out and the family gets to drink as much chocolate milk (raw- of course as they like.)


Have a blessed day in Sweet JESUS!

Matthew 6:33

The Chicken Chick

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Planning A Wedding!

I can't believe that it has been so long since my last post. Life just seems to *get away* from me at times and this blog just gets ignored. To say I have been busy about says it all. Farm chores, homeschooling, life in general and now I am planning for my daughters wedding!

Yep! Angel and Justin are to be married April the 6th which is just around the corner. Who knew that time could fly so fast. I am very blessed to know that my daughter will be marrying a GOD fearing man (hard to find these days.)

They started *courting* last February and got engaged on Christmas Day! GOD is so good. I pray that their lives will be a testament of GOD's grace when two people give themselves to each other for the glory of GOD and not themselves.

I love you Angel and Justin!

3 weeks and counting!

Matthew 6:33