Monday, August 19, 2013

Breeding Chickens GOD's Way Part 2 (They're Here!)

  1. The baby chicks are here! We had 2 eggs hatch  last Wednesday, 6 hatched on Saturday and the last 3 hatched yesterday. There are still 4 eggs under the mama hen but we are not sure they will hatch. We're going to let her *sit* on them until tomorrow and if nothing happens we'll get rid of them.
The above picture is one of the chicks that hatched on Saturday. Hubby had to *help* this one out of the shell because 2 others had already died while trying to get out of their shell. He wanted this one to have a better chance and indeed it did.

The chick I am holding was less than an hour old.

Here are the other chicks that were born, all worn out and sleeping peacefully.

The chicks are a day old in this picture and already eating and drinking.

Here's one taking a sip of water. It's just too cute ;-)

Here they are today with my oldest daughter. That's a handful of chicks! A total of 11 in all!

Another view.

This one is having a hard time staying awake. It's head is slowly falling until it finally passes out.

Poor thing is wore slam out!

This is one of the chicks that was born on Wednesday. DD took it out because it was pecking the smaller ones. I am just about sure its a rooster. We'll see!

GOD's creation  is just so amazing!  Living on our little farm and seeing all of HIS creation renew itself is simply amazing! HE is so good and ever to be praised!

Matthew 6:33

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