Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Blessins'

Isn't GOD's creation amazing? That is the littlest frog I have ever seen. I have seen some of his bigger *brothers* in the yard. But this one is by farthest the cutest!

Another view.

Angel, Grace and I went to the farm/garden store the other day to pick up an autumn mailbox cover and garden flag. While there I noticed these awesome broccoli plants. They were just screaming for me to take them home to plant. 

Now we have never planted broccoli in the fall only the spring. This will be a new *experiment* for us. (There are about 36 plants in that flat.)

 We have been having some unusual cool weather lately. Maybe this will entice these plants to produce for us.

These broccoli plants are called Pacman. and have a maturity date 45-55 days. If all goes well, we should have fresh broccoli by mid October.

Well, gotta go! There is a lot to be done around here today. Just remember that GOD is good all of the time and is ever deserving of our praise!

Matthew 6:33

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