Friday, August 9, 2013

Homestead Chore #8 Home Education

Yep,it's back to school this week!  I got to hang out my *school* flag. It says, "Learning begins at home" I couldn't agree more.

We are starting our 13th year of Homeschooling. I only have Noah (14) left in our home school. Where has the time gone? He is the only one of our children that I have home educated the entire time. I started homeschooling when my oldest DD (23-next week) was in the 5th grade. Again, where has the time gone?

Noah had been doing the Abeka Academy for the past 2 years. With Noah being in the 9th grade this year, I wanted to tailor his work to his needs and the Abeka Academy (video) is just not that accommodating without having to pay extra to meet  his needs. So this year I was a bit more eclectic with his school work. 

It was something that I really prayed about and THE LORD led me to the following materials for Noah's education this year.

I chose:

 Teaching Textbook (PreAlgebra)
Apologia Physical Science
Easy Grammar (9th grade)
Etymology (ACE)
Landmark Baptist Bible (The Book of Proverbs)
Landmark Baptist Literature (Character Stories)
(Not pictured is the Abeka Geography course)

There is a lot of writing in the Landmark Baptist courses which Noah really needs. I LOVE the Teaching textbook! I wish it had been around when my daughters were still being homeschooled.

Noticed I said that Home education was another *farm chore*, it really is around this little homestead. A *chore* that I treasure!

Thank you Sweet JESUS for the gift of being able to educate my children at home for your glory!

Matthew 6:33

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