Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Courtship & The Marriage

Angel & Justin starting their *courtship* in February 2012.

Praying together before the ceremony. They never actually laid eyes on each other until the ceremony began.

Angel & Justin's first kiss ever! They saved themselves for this special day to glorify GOD!

First prayer together as husband & wife.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Justin Bishop!

 Sweet Sisters! What a blessed Mama I am!

Angel and Justin began their courtship in 2012 and married in April of 2013. Before Justin could start seeing Angel, he had to ask for permission to *court* our daughter. By doing this, we knew that Justin was wanting a serious relationship and not just a *dating* partner.

We wanted something different for our daughters other than the worldly *dating* scene. We really weren't sure what the alternative was. That's where GOD started showing us what HE wanted. Through other people and their experiences we found the *courtship* idea. So totally different from the world.

Even though Justin didn't know anything about *courtship* he knew that dating was not what he wanted. He had read I kissed Dating Goodbye- as had my daughter. It basically says that to have GOD's best for you, simply wait and trust in GOD to bring you the person HE has for your life. 

The actual *courtship* was pretty simple. Justin spent a lot of time with our daughter in our presence. We invited him to family outings and he just hung out with us in general. They spent a lot of time getting to know one another in a natural/safe setting. They set in in their minds to begin with that they wanted to honor GOD. So until they were actually engaged, they never even held hands. No physical contact other than the hand holding was instituted until the actual day of their wedding.

They did go to dinner alone in  a public setting. I have heard that a lot of people who believe in courtship would say that is wrong. I differ on that because these are not 2 immature young teenagers. They set it in their heart to begin with to honor GOD, with or without another person looking in on them. GOD was honored throughout the who *courtship*.

I know that only GOD could have set this up between my daughter and Justin. You see, there are no likeminded families in my area who understand courtship. To see how GOD planted what HE did in Justin's heart and Angel's is a testament to HIS goodness and most of all, HIS plan.

I just wanted to share and encourage other families who find themselves on the road of *courtship.* GOD is in control and what HE has planned for those who love and serve HIM is more than we could ever imagine! HE is so good and ever to be praised!

                                                                      Matthew 6:33

You can go here- to learn more about my daughters courtship, in her blog.


  1. Wow, how special. Hopped here from the link you left on Bates Family Blog. So neat and encouraging to see young people like this!!! I see you have a farm? We do, too. Very fun!!!

    1. Thank you for visiting. The courtship was a blessin' from GOD and purely orchestrated by HIM and for HIM.

      Many blessings to you and yours!

      Matthew 6:33