Saturday, August 10, 2013

Waning Summer Days

Ah, the waning days of summer here on the farm. There is still a lot to be harvested and we have been so blessed with what THE LORD has already given us. 

The apples should be ready within the next week or so. It's not a *bumper crop* with only one tree bearing but its enough to make some some awesome apple crisp and  then some.

These are some taters we found in the hay growing. Hubby did an experiment growing the potatoes in the hay. It actually worked. There were just not as many taters nor were they as big as the other ones we grew the regular way. Interesting to see that it could be done.

These were the surprise this year. We didn't plant cherry tomatoes, yet here they are. It took awhile to think, how on earth did we get those? Then it dawned on me. After my daughter's wedding in April, we had a lot of cherry tomatoes left from the reception. So rather than throw them out we threw them out to the chickens. These were what came from the seeds from the ones that the chickens didn't eat. So we transplanted them into the garden area and  let them grow.

The chickens are still reaping the benefits from those April tomatoes. Since we started letting them out to roam again, as soon as the tomatoes start getting ripe, the chickens are all over them. Could you call that *wild foraging*? Not sure, but its less food for us to have to buy for them and a whole lot better for them.

As you can see, the corn patch has been harvested. We had the best harvest of sweet corn this year in many a year. We had a lot of rain in June and it was the blessing we needed to keep that corn growing. We ended up putting up about 300 good sized ears. We gave away about 80 or so ears. Then there were the ears that the squirrels got to and ruined. 

I am going to try and use the old stalks as fall decor this year. Not sure how though, since most of it looks like bamboo sticks because the leaves have started falling off. We'll see.

Angel & Justin didn't have anywhere to grow a garden this year at their place. So Richard tilled up a little area for them. They planted squash, okra, green beans, and watermelons. Here they are harvesting some okra. The green beans did so well that Angel was able to put up enough for them for the winter. She says she doesn't want to see another green bean for a long time ;-)

They came away with a lot of watermelon last night as well as okra. They were very pleased with their summer garden. Their first one as a married couple.

Kershaws. That's what Richard says they are. They seem to be finally growing. He had them growing up as a child and has talked about planting them for some time. He got some seed from his Mama and now, we wait. Anyone know what to do with these things? He said his Mama cooked them with butter and brown sugar. We'll see.

Last but not least, AnnaBelle at her stall waiting to be milked. When she sees me with the grain and bucket in hand she usually heads off to the stall for her *treat.* 

Last nights milking was a disaster though. I was trying to get pictures for a pictorial on milking a cow by hand. All was going well until she decided to release her bodily fluids. I'll have to try that again another time.

Where has the summer gone? I won't complain though because autumn is drawing nigh and it is my favorite season of all!

Have a blessed day in Sweet JESUS!

Matthew 6:33

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