Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday's Homestead Diary

I finally got around to making my strawberry jam this past weekend. I ended up with 20 jars. I aim to get 40 more before the season is up.
I used the hot water bath method for the first time. I usually do the inversion method when canning the jam but felt that I needed to *get my hands wet* with hot water bath canning. It wasn't as bad as I thought.
Hopefully I will get enough blackberries to make into jam later this summer. From the looks of the bushes, that should be no problem, they are loaded!
Got some sour dough bread made today. I also made some homemade hamburger buns last week for the first time. It was an easy recipe and everyone loved them. 
Okay Ladies! Whose going to get in that nest first? The other 2 boxes were already occupied. When I came back, it was *Snow White* that was setting.
Here she is looking to see if she had laid the egg yet. She hadn't. When I closed the door and opened it up again, she was squatting and laid the egg. I tried to get it on the camera to no avail.
Here it is! Now that is one FRESH egg! See the shine on it? That is the *bloom* that will keep everything out (germs and such) as long as it is not washed. Once washed the egg needs refrigeration.
2 p.m. and we have 7 eggs so far. Been getting about 6 a day.
So Sweet! AnnaBelle the sleepy cow. It is so precious to see a cow tuck their heads in that way ,when they are napping.
Blueberries are looking good!
As are the blackberries.
How goes your homestead today?
Matthew 6:33


  1. So happy you are back! I enjoyed catching up on all that has been going on at your place. Your strawberry jam looks beautiful. God bless.

    1. Thanks Donna! I have had some health issues and am just now starting to feel human again. I have energy and that makes all the difference in my blogging and life in general.

      Your new grandson is a cutie! Can't wait ti be a grandma myself one day.