Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Work On the Homestead

Ever hear that saying, "A woman's work is NEVER done?" That phrase hits the nail on the head today. I am just now getting to blog after a busy day working inside and outside. It was an absolute beautiful day to be outside though. So no complaints there.
I mentioned earlier about getting new chicks. They are 3 weeks old tomorrow. We have them outside in a wooden crate/box with a heating lamp that is used at night. Well, I went outside this morning to feed/water them and noticed that the wood I have on top of the crate to secure it was knocked half way off. I immediately got nervous.
I proceeded to go over and take the tarp/ wood off and noticed that the crate had been *chewed* off a bit and that the chicken wire that is on top was lifted up a bit. That part was really odd because the chicken wire was stapled to the crate.

(Praise be, all the biddies were accounted for and not hurt.)
I asked myself, "What in the world tried to get into my biddies home last night?" I then fed/ watered them and went in to call Hubby @ work to let him know what had happened. He is pretty sure that it was a opossum. Really?
Well, considering that we have had to trap and relocate 2 already this spring because they were trying to get into the big chicken coop, it really shouldn't have surprised me to see one go after an  easier target (or so it thought.)
So today to deter the opossum we moved the box to another area. One nearer our penned dogs. Hopefully the dogs would sound the alarm if they saw it going after the biddies. Hubby is also going to hang a light on them from the outside. He says the opossum may not get near the biddies with a light shining in the area.
We are also setting another trap. Maybe the trespasser will want the trap food. Praying it all works out.
I also spent the day watering the herb garden and planting more tomatoes. This time I planted some near the Basil. I've read that tomato and Basil are good companions. We'll see.
Well, got to go. It's getting dark and I've a few more chores to do.
I hope you have had a blessed day in Sweet JESUS!
Matthew 6:33

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