Friday, April 17, 2015

A New Day to Blog

It's been awhile since I have blogged here. Things on the homestead are pretty much the same but as it is spring time there are a few new things to report.
The *girls* are starting to lay again. Getting about 6 eggs a day.
These are the only 2 hens we had out of the batch that were hatched out last July by a faithful broody hen. There were 9 in all. The others were roosters. We butchered 3 and gave the others away. On a sad note, the faithful broody hen was killed by one of our roosters 2 weeks ago. Not sure if we will get a *homegrown* batch of biddies this summer or not.
Springtime and all things bloomin'.
We sold *PIG* #4 this past winter. Everyone was burned out on BBQ. Not to mention that this little piggy was a sweetie! Never get attached to your food!
 (This was our 4th pig raising for meat, she was the only one granted a pardon.)
AnnaBelle being AnnaBelle. We dried her up in October. Hubby's hands are getting arthritic and he has carpal tunnel. That makes a bad combination when it comes to milking a cow. I've had several health issues to deal with as well. Will we breed her again? Probably so. Just taking a much needed break after 5 years of milking.( twice a day-EVERY day.)
We decided to get a new batch of chicks from the feed store. They *should* all be hens. 15 of them. The others are starting to hit and miss with egg laying. We do this every 2 years.. We would LOVE to have them all homegrown but like last year, 7 roosters and 2 hens. Not good math when you need eggs.
So cute! Sleeping chick.
Tired chick. So cute!
Sleepy chicks. Can you tell I LOVE chicks when they are this little?
They were inside for the first week in an old storage box. They are now outside and thriving!
3 weeks today.
Rhode Island Reds
New Hampshire
Columbian Rocks
Barred Rocks
This is the area Hubby tilled up for my new herb garden. I've previously done herb on the porch in pots. This year I wanted to expand it. I put up the black mesh fencing this afternoon to (hopefully) deter the rabbits.
Home Deport had some great prices on herbs and tomato plants this week. Only $2 for what is usually $3.60. So I got some more herbs and made a second trip to get some marigolds to go around the tomato plants. They are suppose to be a good bug deterrent.
(Carlos was jealous that I was paying more attention to my plant than him.)
This is a good video showing the West Ladies on growing and using Basil.You can learn a lot from these ladies!
Go see their other video clips on on homesteading.
Many blessings!
Matthew 6:33



  1. A good friend just loaned me a lot of the homestead blessings videos. :) We finally have herbs that are growing. I can't wait to see your herb garden growing. J

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I am still a bit unsure about the place I will be putting my herbs. That rabbit is smart! He (or his friends) LOVE to use our garden as its *nests.* Can't tell you how many baby rabbits have been born in that garden. ;-)

    I too have the whole set of Homestead Blessings DVD's. I have learned a lot from those ladies.

    Happy Spring time and congrats on your herbs growing! GOD is so amazing in HIS creation!