Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nothing Says Springtime Quite Like Fresh Picked Strawberries

Grace and I went to a local U-Pick farm and picked these 2 luscious bucketful's of fresh strawberries. We have been picking strawberries from this farm since my now 21 year old daughter was 8 years old. Such a blessin' to still having her go with me to pick them. Actually she was the one who mentioned it before I did.
The price went up this year to $1.75lb. to pick yourself. That's not too bad. I can remember when they were only a $1 to pick and that was when Grace was 8 years old.
We do have strawberry plants ourselves. They are just  starting to get blossoms on them. Can't wait to get into those too.
I am going to have to go back next week and pick a lot more. I want to make some strawberry jam this year. I haven't made any in quite a few years. Praying my energy stays up.
Anything growing on your homesteads? Please share!
Matthew 6:33

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