Saturday, May 9, 2015

Time to Prep (It's Hurricane Season!)

This is the earliest storm of the season that I can remember. Am I prepared? Sort of? All I can say is thank you LORD that it is ONLY a tropical storm and not a hurricane. It has just made me realize that I need to get on the ball with the season starting so early.
So what are the plans today? What do we expect to come at us? Have I done ANYTHING before to prepare for the (now upon us) hurricane season?
I have been buying drinking water for the past 3 weeks.  NOT enough!
CONCERN # 2- WATER!- for the animals. Especially AnnaBelle (the cow.)
Hubby and I were talking about cleaning out the large tanks we have outside that can store about 300 gallons of water. He got them at work when they were going to throw them out. So today we will be cleaning and sterilizing them. Then filling them up with water.
Now the cow goes through 50 gallons of water a day. With the 2 tanks we will have water for her to last about 5-6 days. That would be a start for having water for her if the power goes out and we can't just get the water from the house.
It's still really not enough. If this had been a bigger storm, that would mean more damage and more power outages. That means NO water!  Well, today we will work with what we have and start preparing better in the months ahead.
Hurricane season goes from June 1st- November 1st.
Concern # 3- Food
We have enough to last us a week. We have a propane cooker outside to cook if necessary.
Concern # 4- Batteries- Need some NEED ALOT! Can you tell I am out? (Shameful!)
Concern #4-Clothing-
I am making sure that everything is caught up in the laundry department. I am almost caught up today. But with the outer bands of rain from Ana coming in, I can't dry my clothes outside and guess what? My dryer is broke. UGH!
I need to get a dryer rack for the house for days like today! (note: BUY a dryer rack!)
Concern #5- WATER AGAIN! Making sure we have all the tubs and sinks filled with water to flush toilets with.
Concern # 6 Tying things down in the yard that the wind would throw about.
Concern # 7 We NEED a generator!  Time to start saving!
Again, there are so many other concerns when it comes to hurricane season.
I should have already been preparing. I've gotten too complacent.
ANA- You have got the wheels turning in my head and now its time to get prepared!
Storm or not, I have work to do!
Matthew 6:33