Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Homestead Diary- May the 6th 2015

I can't believe these *girls* are 6 weeks old already! They are turning into beautiful birds.
We got them moved into their new home the other day. They were growing way too fast to be kept in the other pen.
This was the home of our *Luke* the rooster from 2 years ago. We had to put him in another pen because when he is out with the older hens, he hurts them. He killed one about a month ago. I wanted to put him on Craig's list but Hubby gave him a pardon, So now he is in the old pig pen. Plenty of space for the ornery old bird.
They are still trying to *escape* when its time to be fed.
Strawberries are starting to come alive. Doesn't look like we will get a lot.
Hubby mulched the herb garden for me. I also planted some Nasturtiums. They don't seem to coming up. Hubby also planted 6 pepper plants in the herb garden. I am hoping to make some salsa this summer for the first time. Praying the tomatoes and peppers do good.
The tomatoes and corn are growing nicely.
I believe this is the last of the spring flowers. This iris smells so good!
So, how does your garden grow?
Many blessings!
Matthew 6:33

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