Friday, January 2, 2015

Homestead Chore #14 Butchering Chickens (Graphic Yet Real Pictures)

Well, we finally butchered some chickens on the homestead. I had only previous helped one time before with a friend who was more than willing to show me the process. So taking the little knowledge I obtained and having an AWESOME son-in-law who needed to do his birds too, we commenced to butchering.
Justin with one of his birds. Getting ready to string it up to get its head off. He tried slicing it first to drain the blood but found it easier to just cut its head off. So I held onto the chicken (with a string on its legs) while he cut off the head.
Strung up. Head coming off to drain the blood. He was not going down easy. HE was a strong chicken!
Head gone and ready to b dipped into boiling water to get the feathers off.
Heads up! Or should I say down?
Dipping the chicken in the boiling water for about 30 seconds.
Plucking begins.
More fine detail on the plucking.
Time to *gut* the chicken.
Ever wonder what the insides of a chicken looks like? Here ya go!
Notice the corn? Must have had his craw filled! EWW!
Angel (daughter) *singeing* the fine hairs off the chicken.
Washing it out and putting it into the cooler full of ice water.
We did it! one down and 5 more to go.
Justin and I were splattered with blood. Truth here! Butchering chickens as any other farm animal is a messy business! Smelly too!!!!!
Yes, I wore flip flops to butcher. Feather and chicken blood.Made me realize that I need a good pedicure!
All done! Awesome feeling knowing that one can raise and process one's own food.It's a dirty and smelly job but the rewards are amazing!
What's on your table tonight?
Matthew 6:33

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