Saturday, January 3, 2015

Keeping Potatoes Without Canning Them #2

We have experimented again this year with keeping potatoes without canning them. We usually keep them under the house. That has worked well but they seem to get softer than I like which is normal. So this year instead of digging for them in July when they are ready to be dug, we left them in the ground.
We just dug for the taters as we needed them. They are still in the ground to this date. I went out and dug some the other day and found beautiful little taters just ready to be eaten. There were a few that were mushy but 98% were firm.
We are able to do this here in southeaster NC because our temps. are mild during the winter,Average high of 50* and average low of  32*. The potatoes are deep enough down that the cold nights haven't seemed to bother them.
Now some of them started to seed again in August and that bought on a new batch with the old ones. Not sure when I did dig down, which one's I am getting. They are good though.
Here is the bag I dug for the other day. Going to use them for some Dutch Potato Soup later this week.

to see the post # 1 on keeping potatoes without canning them. I think I like this way even better!
Matthew 6:33

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