Saturday, January 3, 2015

Home Grown Food From the Homestead (Literally!)

Here is the final product from butchering the roosters yesterday.They were totally homegrown and raised from day one. We had a hen go broody (for the 2nd) year in a row this past summer. We ended up with 9 new chickens. One was killed at night by an unknown predator and then we ended up with 3 roosters and 5 hens. What you see above are the roosters. We didn't need anymore roosters so off to be butchered they went.
Here they are all bagged up and heading to the freezer. That's 3 extra chickens I won't have to buy for the next month! Happy Dance!!!!!!! They are not very big but I look forward to getting enough broth from them for soup and dumplings.
My daughter ended up with 3 also but hers were so much bigger. Had I planned on butchering them before hand (a last minute decision) I would have fattened them up some. I am pleased with the results though and can't wait to try them.
At least I have someone who is willing to help butcher our birds now (Hubby will not even think about it.) I may even try a larger batch this spring. We'll see!
Matthew 6:33

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