Saturday, October 19, 2013

Getting Up My Nerve

It's that time of the year folks. Time to butcher the hog. I am NOT looking forward to it this year. Instead of sending it out to be processed, Hubby and a friend will be doing it themselves. 

This is the 3rd pig that we have raised for meat. It is also the one that for some reason, I got way too attached to. BIG mistake!

Anyway, I hope to get pictures of the process. Or I might just get my son to take them for me. The thing is, we have been wanting to do it ourselves. Just actually thinking about it is the issue.

Hubby has a friend at work that has agreed to cook the pig for us. We are going to cook it for BBQ only. No sausage this year or chops. We also plan on splitting it up 3 ways once it is cooked as a payment for those who are helping us to *process* it.

The thought of actually knowing it is our meat that we are getting back is an exciting prospect. The last batch of BBQ we got back after taking it to the *butcher* tasted WAY too much like thier BBQ and NOT like a freshly processed pig. Not to mention that the BBQ we got back the last time was dry and hard. Yep, I am looking forward to knowing that we will be getting back *our* pig.

Well, gotta go. Saturday's chores are calling me.

Have a blessed day in THE LORD!

Matthew 6:33

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  1. Way to go on butchering your own. We do our own chickens and deer. If I could talk Hubby into raising our own pig, he would want to do it ourselves too. We used to butcher hogs when I was young, but my folks were in charge of it. You asked about the brand of dehydrator I use, it is a Nesco. Nothing special or high tech. It is the brand our Wal-Mart carries. It has given us good service. We use it a lot this time of year-apples, peppers and everyones favorite, jerky. I am thinking about drying beets this year just to see how they turn out. Good luck with the pig butchering. I look forward to reading about it.