Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Week On the Homestead

Hello Dear Friends! Another week has just flown by. It's been pretty much business as usual with a little entertainment along the way, thanks to GOD's creatures. Here is our week in review:

I LOVE Mums! The 2 on the end of the table were from last year and the one in the middle I bought at the grocery store. The marigolds are the last from the summer and go right along with the mums. I LOVE autumn.

Finally got almost all of the taters dug. We have been digging and eating as we go since the middle of June. These ought to last us a good long while. There are still a few more 5 gallon buckets left to dig.

We are letting the *biddies* out to roam a bit in the evening. It's so cute when its time to close them up for the night. They will run up to me and expect me to pick them up and put them back into their little home. Their running to to me is the cute part all the while peeping away!

Our Pastor gave us some pears from his trees. They are a baking type of pear. PIG absolutely LOVES them!

Isn't that a sweet look from Carlos the Kitty. He was part of the entertainment this week. While we were pulling up into the driveway last Sunday evening after church, Carlos was in the middle of the driveway sitting. He wouldn't move. So we got out of the car and low and behold he was sitting next to a copperhead snake. He was playing with it like a rubber hose and it even striked at him. Hubby ran into the house to get a gun, came back out and shot the snake. Carlos was still wanting to play with it. CRAZY cat!

He had obviously and literally *played it to near death* until Hubby shot it. We were so worried that he had been bitten. Not one bite though and no problems with him since the inccident. I'm am quite sure that he lost one of his 9 lives that night ;-)

We needed a day away from the farm so we decided to go pier fishing. The beach is about an hour away so we loaded up and spent yesterday fishing. The winds on that pier were 30 knots ph. with the winds coming out of the northeast. Perfect fising weather.

Hubby caught this stingray. It nearly broke his pole.

Another view of the ray. Notice the fishing line in the rays mouth? Who knew that sting rays like shrimp (our bait?)

It was a HUGE ray. Hubby threw it off on the other side of the pier. Most people cut off thier tails and throw them back in. When you do that though, they lose the ability to keep away from other predators. I hate to see any of GOD's creatures maimed like that. This was a lucky one.

Needless to say, my son's pole was broke due to another ray later on in the day as well as my daughter's pole. I too lost a line and sinker due to these little pesky buggers. Oh well, they have to eat too and the shrimp must have been really appeitizing dangling on the line like that ;-)

So how was your week? Thanks for visiting and have a blessed week in THE LORD!

Matthew 6:33

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  1. You have a very smart cat! He knew exactly what to do with that snake. I love the chicken story. So cute! The stingrays were fortunate you all were the ones catching them. I wouldn't want to see any creature suffer either. Enjoy your day and God bless.