Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Farmstead Dinner (or Breakfast) with Eggs


I posted earlier about all of the eggs the *girls* have been laying for us. Since we are getting an average of 9 a day, I want to make sure that every egg counts and doesn't get wasted. One of the easiest and fastest *egg* meals I know is breakfast tacos or burritos. I use a dozen eggs to make this and 1 lb. of sausage (also homegrown.)
The following is a simple farmstead meal that feeds a family of 5 easily. Enjoy!

About 3 days worth of eggs. 

A dozen freshly layed eggs all cracked and ready to be scrambled.
I LOVE the deep yellow that the yolks are when the chickens that lay them are allowed to free range. A HUGE difference in taste and color than the store bought eggs.
One dozen eggs scrambled.
1 lb. of fresh sausage cooled and drained.
Add eggs to sausage.
Mix completely together.
Looks yummy!
One soft taco shell heated and ready to be filled.
Spread with sour cream (if desired.)
Add egg/sausage mixture.
Add shredded cheddar cheese.

Roll up and enjoy!
These can be made ahead and wrapped in clear plastic wrap to be frozen for future consumption. Good wholesome *fast food.*
A great homegrown farmstead breakfast or dinner.
Have a blessed day in THE LORD!
Happy Homesteading!
Matthew 6:33
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