Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homestead Chore # 5 Couponing (Yes! I said Couponing!)

Couponing? A farm chore? On this little farmstead it is.

This past summer I took a class on couponing and learned so much. I never realized that stores (some of them) will double and even triple coupons making them worth more than their face value. Add that to an already lower sales price and you have a win- win situation in saving money on your groceries.

Now, I know a lot of people say that couponing is for worthless convenient foods. True and false. It really depends on what you are using your coupons on. I for one will NOT condemn a person for using coupons to save money on their grocery bills (convenience foods or not.) Food is expensive whether you grow it yourself or let another one do it for you.

I personally prefer scratch made foods made with what we grow on the farm. I also know that there are times when my *coupon foods* tide over a hungry family when the farm chores and just life in general gets away from me. Not to mention the items that I can get with coupons that can be used to donate to those who are in need.

 THE LORD has definitely blessed me in many ways and as long as HE keeps showing me ways to save money and help others, I will do my best to be the steward he wants me to be.

The above picture is what I purchased today. I ended up spending $9.59 for all of those items with sale prices and coupons combined. It averaged about .46 per item. Not bad considering those cheese blocks are regularly $4.19 for half a lb.

Yep, couponing is definitely a farm chore around this little farmstead. Besides, all the coupons I use really end up helping me manage those animal feed bills which just keep getting higher and higher. Cutting costs where ever I can keeps this little homestead going.

Now, if only I could find some cow- chow coupons ;- )

Have a blessed evening in THE LORD!

Matthew 6:33


  1. How delightful to read a post that does not slam those who may need to buy 'out-of-the-box' food items to feed their family. Like you, I too prefer to cook from scratch using whole foods, but there are times when having that box handy saves the day! I am a big believer in coupons and use them whenever possible to make our small food budget go a lot further--like being able to afford the better quality whole foods! Blessings on your farm chores!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I was just about dreading reading any comments that I may have had on this subject.

      Thanks for the encouragement. Have a blessed day in Sweet JESUS!

      Matthew 6:33