Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Stubborn & Determined Pig

We added another pig to our little homestead this spring. This will be the 4th pig we have raised for meat. We butchered the last one this past November and we now have a freezer full of southern style BBQ (YUMMY!!)

This new pig has WAY too much personality. She likes to run around and do *jumps* in the air with an occasional *bark* to boot. Yeah, pigs can make a sound that sounds between a bark and a grunt. Done fast, it sounds like a dog bark.

Anyway, this pig does not like to drink out of her water fountain. All the other pigs figured it out, this one prefers the traditional bowl. The problem is she is getting bigger and likes to *play* with it now. That means pulling it out of the holder and dumping it. ARRG!!!

Here's what she did today when Noah and I tried to get her to use the fountain after having dumped the water over again for the umpteenth time.

This is where the bowl should be.

Here's where she put it.

This is the fountain she should be using. Hubby said to put some peanut butter on it and she would lick it off and realize that the water was there.

Didn't work. She ended up eating it off the ground and then rubbed her body all over the fountain getting the peanut butter all over her. It sprayed some water but she never did get it into her mouth as was the plan.


Here she is rubbing against the water fountain.

We knew we needed a way to keep her from dumping out the bowl, again. So Noah put 2 bricks inside the bowl. Here she is trying to figure out what new toy she has to play with.

She then commences to doing her best to get those bricks out of the water so she can dump the bowl out again.

She kept her head under that water a good time trying to get those bricks out. She would get them just so far and they would slip off her snout and back into the water. HA! We have you now pig!

After about 5 minutes or more of this she finally gives up.

VICTORY! Off she goes for a nap. It's been about 3 hours since this happened. I best go check the bowl again. She is one stubborn and determined pig! Isn't GOD's creation amazing?

Matthew 6:33

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