Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter on the Homestead

Welcome to the winter wonderland  on the Piney Woods Homestead. (Boy, is it ever COLD outside!)  To think that I had my windows open on Monday and clothes hangin' on the line to dry. That's what ya get in southeastern NC. Warm one day and freezin' the next.

It sure is beautiful outside. I LOVE snow! Although this particular winter storm bought on a whole different meaning to working on the homestead. Hubby has been gone all week at school. That left me with taking care of the animals in this frigid weather. There is something to be said about milking a cow 2 times a day in temps. of 20*. It did keep my hands warm though ;-)

The biggest issue I had was getting water to the animals when the pipes froze up and freeze up they did! We prepared well enough in advance though by placing extra water barrels in AnnaBelle's pen. All I had to do was keep the ice broken up. I used a hammer, when in all honesty a *sledge* hammer would have worked much better. (Got to remember that for the next winter storm we may get.)

We have also spent the week nursing a wounded chicken. On Monday, a hawk got to one of our new chickens and took one of her eyes out. Noah was able to scare the hawk off before he got the chickens head tore off though. Not sure she is going to make it though. Only time can tell with that kind of injury.

We had to separate her from the flock because if you place a wounded chicken in with the healthy ones, they will peck her to death. Mean little buggers those chickens can be.

I pray your all stayin' warm where you are!

Angel gave me this mailbox cover for Christmas. It fits perfect with the winter weather.

Noah's snowman. About 3 ft. tall and on the back of the pickup truck.

Old faithful with a snowman along for the ride ;-)

The chickens would NOT come out of their coop. Who can blame them? It's nice and cozy in the coop.

I tried baiting the chickens to come out. This is about as far as they came. Believe it or not, that light you see in the picture keeps it pretty warm in the coop. They know what a good thing is when they have it.

carlos got jealous of me taking pictures of the chickens and jumped on top of the coop. He knew that would mean his picture would get taken. ;-)

AnnaBelle and snow do not mix well together. She didn't want to come out either unless I was going to feed her. 

Keeping these water barrels broken up of ice was the most time consuming chore I had to deal with. I now know why people who live in the northern climates have heaters to keep the water from freezing.

AnnaBelle out a little more. She was just being nosey ;-)

At least the cold weather has not hindered the egg layin'. What is it with chickens and having to lay in the same box? The one sitting was actually *hissing* at me. She thought I was going to take her egg.

Noah and Grace. Noah was smart using that mask to keep his face warm.

Justin and Angel. What can I say? The two look like they are wrapped in one large camo blanket. They came over yesterday and there was a HUGE snowball fight. I stayed warm inside ;-)

I pray you all have a blessed week in THE LORD. Hey, we suppose to be back in the 60's by the weekend! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Psalm 51:7
Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Matthew 6:33

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  1. When you shared about the milking of your cow in the frigid weather I thought of the movie by Michael Landon Jr. "Love Comse Softly" when Marty and Missy are going over a spelling lesson while trying to learn how to milk the family cow.
    Marty: "spell 'cow'"
    Missy: "K-O-"
    Marty: "c-o-w" while getting exsaperated with the lack of milk she is getting from the cow that is complaining about the task she is attempting to do.
    Missy: "How do you spell warm?"
    Marty: "w-a-r-m"
    Missy: "You better W-A-R-M your hands! How do you expect Gurdy to give you milk when you're freezen' her like that?"
    See, fit right in with what you were saying. *big smile* Have a great day and thanks for sharing all the fun pictures and things with all of us. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!