Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breeding Chickens GOD's Way #3 (Week 7)

Long time, no blog, I have been really slack trying to keep this blog going. There sure has been enough going on around the farm to blog about, its just making the time that is the problem. Oh well, back to the chicks.

Here they are are about 7 weeks. All 11 of them are healthy and happy. I'm pretty sure there are at least 4 roosters in the bunch. It'll be at least a few more months until that can be confirmed though.

We had them in the front yard under a small outside coop. It was basically a box that we moved around every other day so they would have fresh grass. When they go too big for that we moved them to the larger box out back. Much more room in there for the growing brood.

They are still eating non medicated chick starter feed. Once this next bag we have is gone we'll put them on layer mash (another month or so.) That's what we have been doing for all the years we have had biddies and they have been happy & healthy!

I can't wait for these to start laying. The ones we have now are giving about 3 eggs a day out of 9 hens. It may go down even further with the light of days getting shorter. We'll see.

Haven't they grown?

Their new home. All made out of old material laying around the farm. Hubby NEVER throws anything away. It's definitely a blessin' to keep from having to buy new materials!

I LOVE this photo. There seems to be a chick on that water bottle at all times. I guess it just needs to perch.

Well, I am blessed to say that we didn't loose any of the chicks to snakes when they were little. They are also very much healthy and happy.

Ain't GOD's creation so amazing? And ain't GOD so good?

Matthew 6:33

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