Friday, October 26, 2012

Starting Again

We are at my favorite time of the year once again, beautiful autumn. Cool refreshing autumn. A time to relax after the hard HOT summer. A time to enjoy GOD's beauty.
I went out the other day to get some pansies for my fence line. I was expecting to see the usual yellow and purple. I found beautiful orange pansies instead. I have never seen orange pansies before but immediately fell in love with them. They fit in so lovely with the fall landscape. So I lined the fence with them and are they ever beautiful.
Well, here are some pictures of the farm. We are all still here and doing much better after the HOT summer.
What's a farm without an orange tabby cat? Meet Harold, Carlos or Kitty Kitty (depending on whoever is calling him.) He showed up in August as a kitten and made his way into our hearts.
The new flock we got back in April. They are starting to lay (FINALLY.) Only gettin' 2 eggs a day now but its a start ;- )
Happy Dance! We're gettin' eggs again!
AnnaBelle. We thought we were going to lose her after she calved but praise GOD she came through and is doing just fine now. Getting about 3 gallons a day from her.
AnnaBelle's calf, Juliet. She'll be 5 months on the 1st of November. Sweet and sassy!
Last but not least, PIG aka sausage, bacon bbq & porkchops. YUMMY! Due to go to the processor very soon ;- )
Well, that's just a small update for now. There's so much more to share. GOD is so good and ever to be praised!
I Corinthians 5 :7



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